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Sunday Assembly San Diego (SASD) Forum: A Closed Facebook Group

An online community hangout and place for conversations and sharing, and to take care of the important business of keeping in touch in between Assemblies!   JOIN HERE

This group works best when the posts come from YOU! It could be almost anything, within reason. ;-)

  • Impromptu outings 
  • Got it / Need it board (aka free stuff!)
  • Requests for referrals or ideas
  • Sharing of links you think fellow Assemblers will appreciate
  • Feedback or questions about the Assembly itself
  • [Insert your idea here] 

Sunday Assembly San Diego Forum Guidelines


- Is this a public or a closed group?
This is a closed group to maintain people's privacy. A closed group means that people you know will see that you are in the group, but they will not see what you post.

- What are the requirements to join?
We ask only that you have attended at least one Assembly.

- Where can I find all events organized by SA San Diego?
You can find all our events here:

Or visit us here:

- What is the expected etiquette of group members?
The expectation is that all conversations/invitations/posts be in the spirit of Sunday Assembly: RESPECTFUL and INCLUSIVE. Don't state your opinion as fact (please include IMO or equivalent phrase), and please keep in mind that your idea of what's offensive might not be everybody's. Please keep an open mind and assume positive intent.

Posts that are not relevant to Sunday Assembly/Sunday Assemblers may be deleted by the admins.

- Will SA San Diego publish my name or comments elsewhere?
Sunday Assembly San Diego (SASD) will not make public any comments or names posted in this private group. We ask that you respect the privacy of the other members of this group.

SASD reserves the right to occasionally repost pictures/links to other SASD social media (unless confidentiality is specifically requested).

- Is this a discussion board?
No. This is not a discussion board. If you are interested in a SA discussion board, please drop us a comment with the request and we may create it based on interest.

- Can I post my personal, school, or business fundraiser here?
No. Gofundme, other personal, school fundraiser/sales, chain letters, and business advertising is not allowed on the forum. You may, however provide the name of your business/services IF someone specifically asks for a referral on that topic.

- Can I be removed from the group?
3 infractions (at the discretion of the group's admin) may result in your removal from the group. Major infractions such as abusive personal attacks or threats may trigger immediate removal. If you see something someone else posted that concerns you, please drop a moderator a private message.

Thanks to SA London and SA Los Angeles for pioneering similar forums (and letting us copy them :-P).

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