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For immediate release:

8-Feb-15 Let's Talk About Sex [Ed], Baby!
18-Nov-14 Meaningful Death after Meaningful Life
23-Oct-14 The Science of Mindfulness
7-Apr-14 Scientific Gospel: How Darwin Got His Ideas
17-Mar-14 Change In the Arctic: What Does It Mean for Planet Earth?
17-Feb-14 Sunday Assembly presents: San Diego Pioneer Poetry Slam
11-Jan-14 Sunday Assembly Returns to San Diego, California January 18, 2014


In the news:

3-Oct-2014 Why would a Christian pastor help start a godless congregation
2-Oct-2014 Huffington Post
29-Sep-2014 Orlando FL: (video)
29-Sep-2014 Rochester, NY
29-Sep-2014 Charlotte NC
29-Sep-2014 Minneapolis MN
29-Sep-2014 Guardian, London
23-Sep-2014 SF Weekly
27-Jul-2014 Telegraph
6-Jul-2014 German TV 1, Weltspeigel - nice 7 min piece inc London and Brighton
10-Jun-2014 Times of India
9-Jun-2014 Der Speigel magazine (Germany)
1-May-2014 trailer for Morgan Spurlock on CNN - nice summary of SA
1-May-2014 New Scientist May 2014
4-May-2014 Daily Beast were at the SA conference
7-Jan-2014 Sunday Assembly: A Church For The Godless Picks Up Steam, NPR
13-Dec-2013 Sunday Assembly: Church Without God?, The California Report
Dec 8. 2013 Sunday Assembly: A Look at Organized Non-Religion, Here & Now, NPR Boston
11-Nov-2013 Atheist "mega-church" Sunday Assembly Arrives in San Diego, ABC Channel 10 News

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