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Sunday Assembly presents:
San Diego Pioneer Poetry Slam!

San Diego, CA - February 17, 2014 -- Journey back in time to experience San Diego in the early 1900s, through the eyes of a pioneer woman. "The Zig-Zag Trail" is a collection of poetry written by Lorena Catherine Harden that traces her journey from a child growing up on the prairie to San Diego, where she became an outspoken proponent of justice and human rights. The story is a montage of poetry and photographs of early San Diego, to be presented by her great-granddaughter, Claire Condra, on February 23 at the San Diego Women's Club. The event is free and includes a live performance by Random Radio, a truly talented group of musicians from San Diego. Everyone is welcome, and childcare will be provided.

San Diego Women’s Club
 2557 Third Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103
February 23, 2014, 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Claire Condra is a software industry veteran, business and technology journalist, and book publisher with a passion for San Diego history. She tells the story of how this presentation began with the discovery of a single piece of paper in her grandmother's bedroom:

"My great-grandmother was an activist poet in San Diego, and much of her writing had a humanist theme. Poetry readings were a big deal back then, and she was making the rounds and giving readings at the U.S. Grant Hotel and Camp Kearny -- sometimes to the embarrassment of my granddaddy, who was trying to carve out a legal career in San Diego. 

"Fortunately, my grandmother saved everything, and I was the lucky one in our family who got to go through it all. One day I discovered a piece of paper tucked away in my grandmother's bedroom. It had been written by my great-grandmother on her death bed, and told the story of her life. Soon after, I was invited to speak to the San Diego Chapter of the League of American Penwomen, of which my great-grandmother had been a member. My speech was about how to use technology to preserve your family history, so I combined some of my great-grandmother’s poetry with images from her photo album to use as an example. As it turned out, her poetry was more interesting than the technology. I can’t remember technology ever moving anyone to tears -- well, maybe, but not for the same reason!  Poetry has the capacity to touch the emotions, and make you think."

About Sunday Assembly:

Sunday Assembly is a godless congregation that celebrates life. The group started in the UK and is a "global movement of wonder and good" with Assemblies throughout the UK, North America, and Australia. This event is the third hosted by the local Sunday Assembly in San Diego.

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