March: Making your own ending

Our March program theme was decisions and making your own ending to a story. 

The morning started with setting up the Kids Corner and getting the snacks and crafts set up and portioned out. After the teachers arrived they were filled in on last minute information for the day and left with the first two kids. 

As people arrived there was open play in the courtyard. Once everyone got settled they opened with a reading of "The Missing Piece Meets the Big O", a story by Shel Silverstein. The story is a perfect book for highlighting healthy relationships and also for talking about instead of conforming to what everyone else thinks you should do, becoming your own person. 


You can 'read' the book on Youtube. Click here. 


The craft focused on the concept of using creative thinking to make a story with two possible endings through drawing. The teachers drew the connection that we don't have to conform to what other people think we should be, we make our own ending to the story and there are many depending on the choices we make! These types of crafts allow very young children to continue in an open ended fashion while providing a more structured and rewarding final product for older kids.


The kids had coconut macaroons, fruit, and crackers for snack with water to drink. Our day ended with some open play time as parents came to pick up kids.

We had a lot of new and returning families this month! We are so glad those of you who are new could join us and we hope that you come back to visit us. Are our program develops we look forward to offering new programs and parent connections. 

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