Spring/Easter Potluck & Egg Hunt

What an amazing day! We were so excited to see so many families at the picnic on Sunday the 5th. While we got a late start everyone pulled together to stuff the eggs and hide them for the kids. The kids were busy decorating their bags while the parents ran around to hide the eggs and keeping little ones from starting to soon! 

The egg hunt began with a countdown and the kids were off! There were ton's of eggs and no shortage of ones to find! After our egg hunt the kids enjoyed dying eggs and decorating them. A potluck style lunch gave much to offer and was a time for everyone to sit down with one another and talk to each other. The day ended around 12pm with games of frisbee and tag. 

And thank you to Yvette & Boyd for the pumpkins! They were donated to Harvest Crops for distribution! 

We look forward to seeing all of you at our next event, Tikes and Trikes on May 24th! Check out the Family Events section for more information. 




March: Making your own ending

Our March program theme was decisions and making your own ending to a story. 

The morning started with setting up the Kids Corner and getting the snacks and crafts set up and portioned out. After the teachers arrived they were filled in on last minute information for the day and left with the first two kids. 

As people arrived there was open play in the courtyard. Once everyone got settled they opened with a reading of "The Missing Piece Meets the Big O", a story by Shel Silverstein. The story is a perfect book for highlighting healthy relationships and also for talking about instead of conforming to what everyone else thinks you should do, becoming your own person. 


You can 'read' the book on Youtube. Click here. 


The craft focused on the concept of using creative thinking to make a story with two possible endings through drawing. The teachers drew the connection that we don't have to conform to what other people think we should be, we make our own ending to the story and there are many depending on the choices we make! These types of crafts allow very young children to continue in an open ended fashion while providing a more structured and rewarding final product for older kids.


The kids had coconut macaroons, fruit, and crackers for snack with water to drink. Our day ended with some open play time as parents came to pick up kids.

We had a lot of new and returning families this month! We are so glad those of you who are new could join us and we hope that you come back to visit us. Are our program develops we look forward to offering new programs and parent connections. 

Family Outings: STEAM Day Balboa Park



STEAM Day at Balboa Park was an absolutely wonderful event and it was great to see so many families there. There was something for everyone and many wonderful science based organizations represented. They had butterfly releases throughout the day which was where most people started. The kids got to participate in butterfly themed crafts as well as release a butterfly. By the science fleet there was a huge 30 foot robotic giraffe that played disco music, it looked like it belonged at a Cal Tech house party and was a big hit with the kids. On the prado there was booths that each hosted either a craft, game or giveaway. Many people ended up staying until the booths began to break down. There certainly wasn't a lack of things to see and do. 

San Diego's month of STEAM activities continues this week with activities each day until the giant STEAM Expo Saturday March 26th. 

For more information check out: https://www.lovestemsd.org/festival-week

February 2015: Life Cycles

Every month we try to create a theme that is close to the subject of the main assembly, which was kind of hard to do this month since the subject was sexual health. So, we finally settled on the topic of the life cycle! 

We had 8 kids join us this month with our littlest at 22 months and our oldest at 9 years old. Following singing and playing "Simon Says" with the older assemblers the kids went out to the patio to enjoy their own program. Before getting into the lesson the kids started off by singing a few songs like 'Head, shoulders, knees and toes' to help get their energy out.

Since the topic this month was on the life cycle our book this month was:


The book is always a hit with older and younger kids alike and just like the caterpillar in the book turned into a beautiful butterfly our craft focused on how a lady bug transforms. 





The teachers had to help some of our littlest kids make this craft but everyone had lots of fun coloring their lady bugs. The program concluded with coloring, a snack and other free play activities.

We are excited for this upcoming month where we will be discussing decisions, how we make them and making your own ending. Hope to see you there! 


Creating Connections

Hello Parents! The Sunday Assembly Kids Program has decided to begin a blog to keep you all more informed on what we are doing during the assembly, upcoming events and opportunities for connection. 

Sunday Assembly is about building a community and making lasting connections. It's great to gather on the weekends once a month to celebrate together but I know most of us are searching for something more. Our kids are our investment in our future and here at SASD we want to enhance not only the lives of the parents but also the children. 

So parents we need your feedback! Please fill out this survey so we can make this kids program as amazing as possible! 

We look forward to seeing you all March 22nd at the San Diego Woman's Club, 11am :) In the meantime check out our family friendly events posted on Meetup!