Family Outings: STEAM Day Balboa Park



STEAM Day at Balboa Park was an absolutely wonderful event and it was great to see so many families there. There was something for everyone and many wonderful science based organizations represented. They had butterfly releases throughout the day which was where most people started. The kids got to participate in butterfly themed crafts as well as release a butterfly. By the science fleet there was a huge 30 foot robotic giraffe that played disco music, it looked like it belonged at a Cal Tech house party and was a big hit with the kids. On the prado there was booths that each hosted either a craft, game or giveaway. Many people ended up staying until the booths began to break down. There certainly wasn't a lack of things to see and do. 

San Diego's month of STEAM activities continues this week with activities each day until the giant STEAM Expo Saturday March 26th. 

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