October 17 2021 Hybrid Assembly

For those in person, we will have paper programs, but if you're on Zoom, here's a PDF version: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZVAL8Xvo1jLPr4bxZaNOGlTLRk1AINe-rMTtPanHBDg/edit?usp=sharing

The bad news is that Dr. Beatrice Golomb, our scheduled speaker for October, has lost her voice and won't make this assembly! But the good news is that she will speak at a future assembly, so please stay tuned for that. One of our "emergency speakers" has agreed to pinch hit on a different topic, so please join us in person or on Zoom. This will be the 2nd hybrid assembly, after (hopefully!) learning from September's Assembly.

Brand Neuro Your

Have you ever wondered why your brain tells you to do or think about certain things a certain way, while others do and think about those same things very differently? Neuropsychology, a sub-specialty of clinical psychology, studies and assesses the relationship between our brains and our behavior to identify peoples' cognitive strengths and weaknesses. Dr. Lynn Warner, neuropsychologist, will share how a neuropsychological assessment can help people of any age identify problems and find coping strategies for many neurological issues, including developmental disabilities, anxiety, or cognitive concerns about aging.

There will be humans. There will be singing. There will be snacks, and caffeine, and a poem, and there will be MASKS. Yep, masks are required for this indoor event, even if you are vaccinated. 🙂 All the caveats apply here: we will look to county authorities for changes in COVID practices, and will adjust accordingly if needed.

Child care will be provided! We are back at the Bankers Hill Club, which features an accessible facility, including accessible parking spots and bathrooms.

Stay after the assembly for coffee, snacks and to hang out with other assemblers.

For those attending on Zoom, the Zoom "doors" will open for pre-assembly chatting at 10:45 AM.
Here's the Zoom link for anyone who wants to attend online:
Meeting ID: 813 4609 9453
Passcode: 654966

If you are new to Zoom, please watch this handy video about how to join a meeting:

Quick suggestions for Zoom:

Use your headphones instead of the computer's/phone's speakers; it'll make hearing you easier when we break out into little chat groups.

If possible, please enable your video feed so we can see you! The speakers will then be able to see your beautiful faces and reactions, and it'll feel more like we are in person. If you have to walk away from or move your camera, please disable it until you get back. And yes, of course we want to see your cats.

In the corner of the box with your face in it, you can choose to hide yourself from your view, so you won't find looking at yourself so distracting. Also, it'll make more space on your screen to see others.

You may (but don't have to) RSVP on Meetup

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October 17, 2021 at 11:00am - 12:15pm
Bankers Hill Club House
3030 Front St
San Diego, CA 92103
United States
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