April 19, 2020 Assembly

Hello friends, and soon-to-be friends,it's been too long. Like many Sunday Assemblies around the world, San Diego is going online. Our April Assembly will be on the Zoom app this Sunday at 11am. You can attend using a computer, smartphone, or tablet. We will more or less stick to our usual format of singing and sharing and learning, and then singing some more.

Because this is such a challenging time, neuropsychologist and SASD board member Lynn Warner, PhD will speak on how we can cope. Dr. Warner earned her degree from the University of Kentucky, was an Assistant Professor at Eastern Virginia Medical School, and is now in private practice in San Diego. Handouts on Coping that might be of interest to you:
Self-Care Basics through “GRAPES”
Sensory Grounding and Deep Breathing - Simple Techniques
What is In and Out of My Control and Why It Matters
(You do *not* need to sign in to Google Drive to download or print these handouts.)

Paul Svenson will come out of semi-retirement to lead us in song, with Steven Soden as our MC.

You must RSVP on Meetup, Facebook, or below to see or receive the Zoom sign-in information at 10am this Sunday. You'll see it (or receive it) on whatever platform you used to register, so that you can sign in at 11am.

And, please be patient with us; this will be our first Zoom meeting on this scale. We will have behind-the-scenes Zoom "hosts" who will help manage the settings and mute everyone except for the person speaking. Due to the lag time inherent in Zoom meetings, we won't hear each other sing, laugh, cry, or clap, but we will be able to see anyone who wants to be seen, so feel free to wave your hands in response.

We can't wait to see you all!

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If you are new to Zoom, please watch this handy video about how to join a meeting, and be sure to follow its directions for downloading the free Zoom ahead of time.

Click here to see the program, including lyrics, so you can follow and sing along.

Don't forget to practice your screen waves!

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April 19, 2020 at 11:00am - 12:15pm
Someplace Safe & Comfortable