Upcoming Assemblies

  • Sunday, June 17, 2018 at 11:00 AM
    San Diego Indoor Sports Club in San Diego, CA

    Sunday Assembly



    Bridging the Gap

    Gender Alphabet:
    The ABCs of being an Ally

    To mark our upcoming San Diego Pride month of July, actress and advocate Nicky Endres will talk about demystifying the trans experience and empowering trans allies. She'll take us on her journey from growing up in a conservative midwestern town, to performing gender alongside other roles as an artist in the industry, to finding authenticity in defying norms and embracing complexity. In sharing her personal journey, Mx. Endres hopes to help cisgender people feel like more confident allies for their trans friends, family, and peers.

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    Kids and youth programs available for free at every Assembly.

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    Stay after the assembly for coffee, snacks and to hang out with other assemblers

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    Sunday Assembly San Diego is a new radically inclusive deity-free community that meets monthly to hear inspirational talks, connect for service projects, sing songs and generally celebrate life. Assemblies are free to attend, and everyone is welcome.