Recurring Events


Cross Stitch/Do Craftsy Stuff (Adults and Teens Welcome)

cross-stich.jpgEver want to learn how to cross stitch or knit or [insert craft here], or sit around with other cross stitchers and shoot the breeze and do yo thang? Do you have other projects that you'd like to do while talking with others? Then you're in luck. 

Teenagers are welcome! If you're a teen and you don't want to sit with the totes uncool 'rents, we can get you a separate table where you can chat together in your unintelligible teen-speak. But seriously, we'd LOVE to have you. Please join us!

If you'd like to join us, it will be casual and fun, and we'd love to meet you. All genders are encouraged. There are so many cross stitch patterns out there that there's something for everyone. 

We meet every Sunday (except on Assembly Sundays), at 11am at Panera Bread at Liberty Station. 11 am is right in the middle of the 10 am Rock Church services, so hopefully we'll beat the crush. On Sunday Assembly days, we'll meet at 2:30. 


Family Dinner 

keep-calm-and-join-sunday-assembly.pngSo, this year in an effort to build our community we want to hold family dinners in order to not only get together for last minute business the night before the assemblies, revelry and general hanging out.  But also to explore eating all the wonderful foods the restaurants in San Diego have to offer. 

Dinners will be held each Saturday at 5:00PM before each assembly. Check for restaurant location for each month! 






 There are many more events going on, most of which are one time events. Check out all of our SMOUPS on our Meetup Page: