Sunday Assembly: The Movement 

Sunday Assembly began in 2013 in London with two comedians, Sanderson Jones and Pippa Evans. After much success in London, the two started a Indiegogo campaign in October 2013 which led to their "40 Days" US Tour in 2014. Since then, over 67 assemblies are running worldwide with over 1000 requests from people around the world wanting to bring an Assembly to their town.

Check out the Sunday Assembly International site

Sunday Assembly San Diego 

Sunday Assembly San Diego (SASD) began when the Humanist Fellowship of San Diego invited the two comedians to visit San Diego on their tour. With the support of Sunday Assembly International, The Humanist Fellowship of San Diego, and the San Diego Coalition of Reason, volunteers started our local chapter and put on the very first San Diego Assembly, in January 2014. There has been an Assembly every month since then. The local chapter adopted new bylaws in December of 2014. With the addition of new programs aimed at building community and an outreach model based on collaboration, and reaching out to families and providing quality programming, SASD looks forward to many more years to come.


Check out our Instagram pics and a prezi sumarizing our year (2014)